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Media Privacy for Supplements
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Listing supplements will be divided into three categories.  

  1. Public supplements are visible for on and off market listings within Matrix, OneHome, TransactionDesk and back-office data feeds like Broker Feeds and VOW.  (They are not available on any public-facing IDX or third-party sites.  CVR MLS does not include supplements in public facing IDX feeds.)
  2. Conditional supplements are publicly visible, as described above, until the listing is off market. 
  3. Private supplements are only visible to CVR MLS users in Matrix regardless of listing status. (NOTE:  if you choose the "private" setting, your supplements will not be available through the TransactionDesk icon in Matrix.) 

Uploading a New Supplement

You can select the appropriate category for your supplement in Manage Supplements input.  Use the dropdown field in the Supplement Privacy field when you upload your supplement. 

Changing the Category of a Supplement

These settings can be changed at any time while you have access to the listing by selecting a new category for your supplements, then saving the changes.

Please note that CVR MLS staff reserves the right to adjust media privacy settings on Closed, Released, or Expired listings as the need arises.


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