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Media Privacy for Photos
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What is Media Privacy for Photos? 


The Media Privacy is an optional setting which allows listing agents to select one photo for public display when the listing changes to Closed, Released, or Expired. Selecting a public photos is not required for input.


If a photo is selected, then only this photo will be included in MLS data feeds and other third-party sites once the listing goes to a Closed, Released, or Expired status. The remaining photos will still be visible in the MLS to CVR MLS Users for historical and statistical purposes.  


How to use it?  


From Manage Photos, select the one photo you wish to remain publicly visible after closing and mark that picture by clicking the star icon above the photo.  You can change the primary photo by clicking the star of another photo, making that photo the primary photo.   If you no longer are able to edit the photo and would like to change or select a different primary photo after the listing s closed, please contact CVR MLS staff at [email protected].  If this feature has been selected in error, please contact CVR MLS staff at [email protected].  Please note that CVR MLS staff reserves the right to adjust media privacy settings on Closed, Released, or Expired listings as the need arises.


I don't want to use Media Privacy? 


Simply don't select a photo.  Therefore,  ALL photos will remain public and will be included in CVR MLS external data feeds.  Media privacy is an optional feature.  




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